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Adoption Therapists

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What an adoption therapist can do for you?

Your adoptive family members, and more importantly your adopted child, will strongly benefit from working with a therapist who has experience with and understands the unique challenges adoptive families and adoptees face. Adoption is often a long process that can incite many strong emotions. This joyous journey also elicits emotions of confusion, fear, apprehension, both before and after an adoption, in addition to feelings of incredible happiness as well. Adopted children, on the other hand, depending on their age and prior history, often require professional assistance to help them cope with and work though many of their own emotions as well.

Practice areas related to Adoption

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Why hire an adoption therapist ?

Many adopted children have experienced complex trauma in the form of neglect, attachment disruption and/or abuse. Without the help from a trained and knowledgeable therapist, it can be extremely difficult for the child to become acclimated to and succeed in their new surroundings. Therapy is essential when attempting to teach the child how to effectively express feelings, while helping them form healthy attachments and heal from past trauma. Adoption counseling is not only beneficial to the child but is often times required in order for him or her to learn new adaptation skills that leads the adoptee towards the path to success and happiness.

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