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Latest Updates On RecoveryExperts

3 Ways to Feel Better About Yourself Now

Feeling depressed, sad, life throwing too many problems your way???? Lets explore 3 ways that you can feel better about yourself now.

5 Creative Activities that May Prevent a Relapse

When you begin to create art based on your feelings, you may find that the areas in your life that weighed heavily on you don’t have as much power a...

Could Virtual Reality be a Future Addiction Treatment?

The future is here! Virtual reality technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. It has revolutionized the way we play video games, ...

6 Steps to Rebuilding Relationships after Rehab

Breaking free from the chains of addiction is a liberating experience. People in recovery, after severing all ties with their substance of choice, fee...


Relationships with ‘means of relief,’ which can include substances, activities and people, fit the category of ‘bad’ or unhealthy relationship...

Your Therapist and You: How Counseling Works in Rehab

Many people mistakenly believe that addiction is purely a physical problem—that once the source of the drug is taken away and the cravings subside, ...

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